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    ENUO, Your the most professional customs affairs and logistics management Partner and "housekeeper.  ENUO provide the whole consulting service on Customs and logistics areacontents as below.

    §  企業通關法律法規常年咨詢

                Annual Customs Laws and regulation consulting

    §  海關加工貿易業務管理咨詢

                Bonded processing trade management consulting

    §  海關商品歸類業務專項咨詢

                 Customs HS code classification case consulting

    §  特許權使用費專項咨詢

                 Customs Royalty valuation speical consulting

    §  物流作業模式評估和優化

                 Logistics operation model efficiency assessment and optimization

    §  海關特殊監管區域業務規劃咨詢

                Customs special supervision bonded district business planning and consulting.

    §  新廠設立、工廠搬遷、工廠關閉海關事務綜合籌劃

                New facility or Customs affair transferring or Close integrated consulting

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